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Parks & Open Spaces

Britannia Security has a dedicated team of Parks Patrol Officer who have worked for local authorities providing a safer green space. Our officers have set a high standard of professionalism and in doing so in the past have been accredited under the Governments and Polices 'Safety Partnership Scheme'

Our Parks Patrol team has the fun and challenging job of patrolling Parks and Green spaces to ensure that they are safe for children, families, dog walkers, council staff and all other park users.


The Parks Patrol Community Program goes to many lengths to ensure the safety of our parks and green spaces. They are especially looking for harmful items like glass or needles left in picnic areas and playgrounds. Our Parks Patrol officers are also there to provide first aid or any needed support for all persons using our parks.


Parks Patrol Officers try to visit each park approximately one to two times every day. Officers are in the parks directly protecting park users, wildlife and the natural environment. Parks officers report all illegal activities to the Police as well as detaining persons who commit criminal offences. Officers also enforce By-laws in addition to informing the public of law and by-law regulations and consequences.


All our officers are readily accessible and approachable at all times. They have the opportunity to interact directly with the public allowing them to be ambassadors for the local authorities they work on behalf of. They can provide immediate responses to questions or concerns about parks and green spaces, while following through with any complaints and reporting issues to the proper departments. Travelling either in fully marked vehicles or on foot our officers are available to respond to any incident that may occur.

Feel free to approach our Parks Patrol Officers with any questions, or even just to say "Hi!" We are here to help ensure a safe, user friendly and secure Green Space.

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