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Close Protection London

Britannia Security's Close protection officers (CPOs), are highly dedicated individuals who are trained to protect clients (known as principals) from deliberate attack, accidents or unwanted attention. Their duties include:

> Protecting the principal from threats of physical violence
> Checking the premises before the principal arrives
> Installing surveillance equipment
> Accompanying the principal on business and social trips
> Driving the principal to and from venues.


Britannia Security's CPOs work for people in the public eye, including royalty, foreign dignitaries, politicians, high-profile business people, legal professionals and celebrities. Specialist duties may include residential security, making sure the principal's premises are secure.

Offering 24-hour protection is rarely a weekday nine-to-five job. It can involve early starts, potentially lots of traveling, maybe abroad and late nights. All of our CPOs are trained in defensive and evasive driving.

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